Since its establishment in 1961, Khumjung School has come a long way. Its mission has been to provide a quality education that nurtures the all round development of students to ensure they can reach their full potential in life.

We are proud to inform you that Khumjung School is planning a Golden Jubilee Celebration in May 2011 to mark its 50 years of successful service to the community. Educational opportunities provided through Khumjung School have enabled many students to pursue higher education and make significant contributions in many different fields both nationally and internationally. I am enormously proud of our former and current students for their remarkable achievements in the field of their interest.

Through this column I would like to pay tribute to the Late Sir Edmund Hillary, the founder and life long patron of Khumjung School for his genuine contribution to this school. We are equally grateful to Himalayan Trust, all of our generous donors and School Management Committee members who have worked tirelessly to support the school in many different ways.

The school has faced significant challenges over the past years. I am immensely grateful to the former and current teaching staff who have shown determination and grit in their efforts to provide the best quality education for the students of Khumjung School. They have worked diligently both in the classroom and through their support of a rich variety of sports and cultural activities.

My special thanks and gratitude goes to Ms Harriet Shields (NZ) who has worked tirelessly to assist me in developing the Khumjung School website editing the texts, organising the order and layout and contributing suitable photographs for the texts.

In addition, I would like to mention our cordial thanks to our parents, guardians and volunteer teachers who have provided us with great support, cooperation and interest in the development of Khumjung School over the years.

I hope that our readers, former students, teachers, parents, guardians and well-wishers will enjoy reading this website and be inspired to help by the wonderful achievements of Khumjung School. Finally, I would like to say, nothing is impossible with attitude, determination and vision for the future. Valuable suggestions and good ideas from our readers are always appreciated.

Mahendra Bahadur Kathet

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