Wrekin English Language Classroom

The Wrekin English Classroom is a model classroom of a generous size built in 2006.  It was constructed with the generous support of Mr Ray Illman, Mr Leonard Reid (UK) and Mr Callum McGilp, NZ.  This beautiful classroom is warm and spacious and is well equipped with nice furniture and advanced language teaching materials.  It is a real inspiration to the pupils at Khumjung School.  Khumjung School would like to extend its cordial thanks to all of those people who have contributed their time and efforts in raising fund and giving generous support to make the classroom building project a success.


Presently, a large two storey school house for a spacious canteen on the ground floor and for two classrooms on the top floor has been built with the generous partnership fund of Himalayan Trust and Mr. Ray Illman and friends (UK). It will be the special "Golden Jubilee Gift " to Khumjung School from Himalayan Trust and Mr. Ray Illman.

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