Goal and Achievement
Good teachers produce good students.
Our Vision

At Khumjung School we believe everyone has a right to learn and develop their potential to the fullest in a central, caring, safe and disciplined learning environment.  The school promotes and celebrates excellence in academic, sporting, arts and cultural achievements.
Khumjung School is a community school dedicated to fostering a passion for learning.  We strive to provide learning opportunities that result in individual growth.  We want our students to excel and our innovative teaching and learning programs promote individual excellence.
At Khumjung School we treasure our rich heritage, celebrating the unique culture, background and skills of the local Sherpa people. 

The unique and innovative programmes offered by Khumjung School aim to:
  • provide quality educational opportunities to all the children of the community;
  • impart high quality knowledge and skills to the pupils;
  • help preserve the Sherpa language and culture and reduce the financial drain for families sending their children outside the village for quality education;
  • help produce future leaders with deeply rooted cultural grounding and a love for one's community and nation;
  • create strong home and school relationships;
  • involve community role models in our programmes;
  • improve facilities, academic achievement and managerial aspects constantly to keep up with the reputed private English schools of the nation; and
  • ensure that all capable and willing students are able to further their education beyond high school
Our objectives are to:
  • seek to develop each individual student's talents as fully as possible;
  • effectively apply child-centred teaching methods and set the highest standards in work and behaviour;
  • provide a high standard of formal education through a balanced curriculum;
  • encourage a genuine love of learning so that work as well as play is regarded as enjoyable and allows the students to develop their personality;
  • create an environment in which all pupils are encouraged to excel in whatever subjects they undertake;
  • develop in each pupil the love and loyalty for their culture and motherland so that they can serve and give back in greater measure all they have absorbed at the school;
  • develop a morally disciplined and happy community environment in which the children can foster friendships and achieve personal fulfilment; and
  • conduct extra-curricular activities and establish beneficial relationships with the people and organisations so that the school's facilities may be improved with their support.
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