Goal and Achievement

Khumjung School is spread over about 5420 square metres of land enclosed in an impressive rock wall, tucked into the southern corner of Khumjung village at the height of 3790 metres.

The facilities include a large playing field for games like football, volleyball, badminton and athletics.  There are a total of 18 buildings within the school grounds.  They range in age and quality, with the original aluminium building from 1961 still standing alongside the modern Wrekin English Language Classroom, which was built in 2006.  Khumjung School owns four hostel blocks to accommodate 55 students, with two separate houses for kitchen and dining.  15 other students live in a house in the village rented by the school because there is insufficient hostel accommodation.  There is adequate housing for the 11 staff members, who also live away from home during the term.  The accommodation is free for students and teachers but they must pay for their own food.

The school is very hopeful it can soon construct a school canteen where all hostel residents and teachers can take their meal at a reasonable price.  This will allow the old kitchens to be converted into more hostel accommodation.  Fundraising is currently underway for this project.

The school is also very lucky to have a well stocked library, a computer lab, science lab, art gallery and a nice spacious school hall to be used for extra-curricular activities.  The hall is used by the whole village and community meetings are often held there.

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