School Leadership:
Whilst Khumjung School is a community school, it has to carry out all the directions and instructions provided by the District Education Office (DEO) the Ministry of Education and Culture. The DEO has full authority to run the community schools in the districts. Through the DEO, the government is responsible for providing and allocating the funds to schools for teacher salaries, text books up to Grade 8, some renovation works and other miscellaneous expenditures. The Government also provides a scholarship fund for the top students, students from underprivileged families, and for 50% of primary school girls. Although the scholarship fund is very small, it works to reinforce the benefits of education and motivates the children to come to school.

The communities have been given the crucial role and responsibility of managing their schools through the School Management Committee and Parent/Teacher Association. They consist of elected members of the community. It is this community support and involvement that has made the school so successful through the last 50 years.

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