Himalayan Trust Scholarship

About 6 to 12 students who achieve good results in School Leaver Certificate (SLC) exams from Khumjung School can receive a scholarship (Rs 2,500 per month) through Himalayan Trust for their schooling at higher secondary school in Kathmandu. The Himalayan Trust also continues to support those students if they are accepted into University. The students must apply in writing with a letter of reference.


The criteria to select the candidates for the scholarship are:

  • Financially restricted but intelligent and sincere students
  • Good score in SLC exams


A College major in the following subjects:

  1. Science: 2 seats
  2. Nursing: 2 seats
  3. Hotel Management: 2 seat
  4. Education: 4 seats
  5. Vocational subjects: 5 seats
  6. Forestry : 1 seat.
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